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      Xinhua LAOS:老挝《万象时报》展播短视频《“电亮”中老铁路,共创美好生活》

      信息来源:Xinhua LAOS  发布时间2021-12-16

        原标题:老挝《万象时报》展播“同心携手 共建美好”中老短视频最佳创意作品《“电亮”中老铁路,共创美好生活》

        12月15日,老挝《万象时报》展播“同心携手 共建美好”中老短视频征集活动评选出的最佳创意作品,全面展现中老两国山水相连、人缘相亲、民心相通、情谊深厚的故事。作品播出后,反响热烈。有当地网友表示,视频内容让人耳目一新,透过这些短视频,可以进一步了解老中两国的多元化景象,感受两国人民长久以来的深情厚谊。

        2021年是中国与老挝建交60周年,也是中老友好年。由云南省人民政府新闻办公室主办的“同心携手 共建美好”中老短视频征集活动自10月28日至11月21日,面向社会各界征集短视频作品,通过镜头讲述中老两国山水相连、人缘相亲、民心相通、情谊深厚的故事。

        The year 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China-Laos diplomatic relations and the Year of China-Laos Friendship. From October 28th to November 21st, the "Working Together to Build Better Future" China-Laos Short Video Solicitation, sponsored by the Information Office of the Yunnan Provincial People's Government, collected short videos from the public. It encouraged participants to tell true, comprehensive and vivid stories about the adjoining mountains and rivers, the close relationship between two peoples, and the deep friendship between China and Laos through the lens。


        From now on, nine short videos of the Best Creativity Film, Best Narrative Film and Best Editing Film of the event will be broadcast。

        Best Creativity Film(最佳创意):

        《 “电亮”中老铁路,共创美好生活》

        “Light Up the China-Laos Railway and Our Life”


        The video “Light Up the China-Laos Railway and Our Life” tells a story about a youth who was born in Jilin Province spent 10 years in Laos. He and other Chinese people worked in China-Laos Railway's Power Supply Project and they keep friends with Laotian。(来源:中新网云南)